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    Dr. Gomez is outstanding. Absolutely outstanding! My nephew is about to receive a college degree, something that never would have happened had he not been her patient. Her understanding of addiction is superb.

    I was shocked to see bad reviews Then I noted that some reviewers deduced that Dr. Gomez cares more about money than helping her patients based on her cancellation policy. What they don't understand is how brilliant that policy is.

    I am sure she implements this policy to help addicted patients grow and learn to deal with the world effectively. Helping them take responsibility is integral to helping them put their addictions behind them. She gets them to stick with their treatment regardless whether it needs to be accomplished via Skype or phone. Continuity of treatment is essential for change.

    She would make much more money if she allowed them to remain irresponsible and in need of her help indefinitely rather than helping them develop the skills they lack so they don't need her anymore. Other reviewers that do not understand her wisdom have interpreted this policy all wrong because they do not understand addictive personalities.

    It would be a shame if potential patients did not take advantage of what this accomplished doctor offers due to reviews generated by patients that did not stick with her well guided treatment and change their lives as my nephew has. Does anyone really think it's easy for an addictive personality to give up their dysfunctional coping mechanisms? Commitment to regular therapy has to be in place for change to happen and this doctor has figured out how to make it happen. Kudos to her.

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    Rose has been my psychiatrists for 2 1/2 years. Five stars. I see some people gave her less than five stars because they canceled and did not read the cancellation policy. That is not her fault. If you don't show up and you don't cancel then there is a fee. Simple to understand.

    I have had several psychiatrists over the years and Rose is my favorite. She listens. She understands. She is willing to work with her clients when it comes to the right medication for depression.

    She is also friendly and easy to talk with. That is a quality that is can be difficult to find when it comes to therapists.

    Rose also works closely with my sobriety program. I have been sober for 2 1/2 years. That says something for Rose and her practice.

    I would absolutely recommend Rose and often times do.

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    Dr. Gomez and I go way back. She's a consummate professional who knows her stuff. I've also recommended Dr. Gomez to several of my friends based on her skills and integrity. She is genuinely concerned about helping others get healthy and stay that way. Always concerned, she goes the distance to truly understand root causes and provide the right solutions. I feel at ease discussing anything and everything with her. Her bedside manner is one which I wish more doctors would emulate. Thank you, Dr. Gomez for all that you do!

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    I have known Dr. Gomez for approximately 15+ years and she is one of the best in her field. She is very knowledgeable about the different disease states that she treats and is a Physician who is always interested in learning about the most up to date treatment options, medications, etc. She has a very good reputation in her field and expertise. I would highly recommend Dr. Gomez's services.

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    Dr. Gomez is a great diagnostician with many years of experience. She has a very compassionate bedside manner. She listens with full attention will give honest advice. If you are looking for a no nonsense psychiatrist you will be happy with Dr. Gomez. I have read some of the negative reviews and realize she is dealing with some very severely mentally disturbed patients and there is no magic pill. People have to want to help themselves. Often a family member is also mentally ill or codependent and wants to blame the doctor as seen in some of these reviews.

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    Here is a doctor who will see you as the unique person you are! And unlike so many docs today, she actually encourages you to ultimately stand on your own two feet; Dr. G guides you to assume an honest sense of responsibility and to make wiser choices which will result in a happier life. She has a wealth of knowledge (Loyola Medical and NWMH, among other institutions) with expertise in many aspects of psychiatric care. If the search is for a therapist who employs both head and heart, who is on top of current trends, and who respects her patients as an equal part of the healing team - your search can stop right here... During my many years practicing medicine in the SW suburbs, Dr. Gomez's character and reputation among colleagues & patients was impeccable!

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    Great physician- been going to her for over a year now and have never been better. After bouncing around between many physicians she was the only one that could help me. Always on time (big problem with other Dr.'s) and holds me accountable for my actions. I feel like she listens to me and I never feel like a number. I'm actually on less medicine now than before.

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    Dr Gomez has treated me for an acute depression. She was sympathetic and pleasant and professional. She was careful to evaluate my entire medical history. She treated me promptly and effectively. As I improved I had many questions which she answered in a way I could understand. She is great and I recommend her without reservation.

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